impact melt related meteorites
Impact Melts offer science insight of the impact crater producing processes that take place on the surfaces 
of their parent bodies. 
Sometimes they contain lithologies of 2 different bodies.
chico impact melts.jpg
chico impact melts.jpg

Dho 378 Mars

impact melt NWA 1573.jpg
impact melt NWA 1573.jpg
  riolimay.jpg (28376 bytes)

Rio Limay


Here is a database survey of meteorites that are classified as impact melt meteorites:

Bison, KS - LL6 impact-melt breccia

Calcalong Creek - LUN - impact melt breccia

Caldwelll - L imb,
Cat Mountain - L5 - impact melt breccia; vesicles
Chico - L6 - impact melt breccia; copper; S6
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Dar al Gani 241 - IMB- impact melt breccia
Dar al Gani 242 - IMB- impact melt breccia

Dar al Gani 647 2-stage recrystalized eucrite with impact melt history - for sales go: Erichs
Dhofar 025 - LUN - anorthositic impact melt regolith breccia
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Dho 378 martian basalt - For sales of this meteorite  click here (Meteoritenverkauf):

Dho 492 H shock melt bereccia - For sales of this meteorite  click here   (Meteoritenverkauf):

GSS XXX lunar    For sales click here: lunar meteorites
Happy Canyon - EL6 - EL6/7 (S2); impact melt breccia(?); vesicles
Madrid - L6 - veined; impact melt breccia
Norton County - AUB - fragmental breccia clastic matrix (igneous and impact melt)
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NWA 722 (El Kachla) - L - impact melt breccia

NWA 1573 - L Impact Melt Rock - for sales go: Erichs

Orvinio - H6 imb,

Rio Limay - L5 impact melt - for sales go: Ordinary Chondrites

Roosevelt County 085 - L4 - RC,S4; W2; impact melt

Roosevelt County 085 - L4 - RC,S4; W2; impact melt
Sahara 00215 - L - W3/4; impact melt breccia
Shaw - L6 - Dodd: L7; complex impact melt breccia

Smyer - H5-6 imb,

ALHA81011 - eucritic impact melt breccia
EET 99443: howardite
groundmass is finely comminuted pyroxene and plagioclase grains,
while the groundmass in the other is a fine-grained, lath-like
structure suggestive of an  i m p a c t  m e l t . 

Shock melted impact melt breccia - H 5  - SaU 105

One small complete meteorite was found 2002. Available: thin endpieces: 2.02g; 3,3g $14/gr

IMB type H  - Dho 492
Date of find: 2001, April 5
Type: Stone H (Shocked melted,W3)
ordinary chondrite
One small stone of 281 g was found on the surface of the desert. Nature of recovery site: rocky planes with carbonate stones, low areas covered with quarz-carbonate sand overgrown by low small bushes. Classification: H; shock melted; weathering grade W3. Key classification information: Fa of olivine is 18.5 (mol %), Fs of pyroxene is 17.0 (mol %).


L6 impact breccia - Chico, Colfax Cty, New Mexico, USA) 

recovered January 1954:
Total Mass 231 pounds!
scientifically interesting meteorite

0,7g slice $11; 1.9g slice $24

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