Martian Meteorite,  Basaltic Shergottite,

A 70.2 gram meteorite completely coated with fusion-crust found in Morocco in December 2001. It is most likely paired with basaltic shergottite NWA 480. Both stones  are very fresh and are more coarser grained than most other Martian meteorites. It consists mainly of large grains of compositionally zoned, low-Ca pyroxene (with orthopyroxene cores, augite mantles and pigeonite rims) and glassy, shocked plagioclase (maskelynite), with lesser amounts of two phosphate minerals (merrillite and chlorapatite), exsolved iron-titanium oxides, ilmenite, chromite, pyrrhotite, potassium-rich glass, silica and baddeleyite.

Classification and Mineralogy:

Drs. Anthony Irving and Scott Kuehner at the University of Washington in Seattle